About Deposit.Pro

Company focused on the distribution of audio and video professionals equipments for system integrators and installers in Brazil.
We support the technician, the system designer and the artist, who need adequate data, audio and video solutions to develop their activities.
We aim to sell equipment for professional application.
We have an engineering team, specialized in data, audio, video and automation solutions for professional applications inside the buildings, aiming at technique and art, such as the digital data communication network, auditoriums, plenary rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, studios, situation and control rooms, audio and video distribution, capture, processing and diffusion of audio and video, to meet artists, communication professionals and the technology demands of buildings, that need solutions suitable for your business, such as concert halls, live music houses, recording and broadcasting studios, radio and TV stations, schools, hospitals, religious temples, courts, among others.
Our engineers are always updating themselves, in training programs with the manufacturers, aiming at the constant improvement of the service to you, communication professional, if you need support for your technical difficulties
Technique with art.